What is a Manifestation Meeting in School?

Manifestation meeting in school is a way for teachers to communicate with each other about how well an individual student is performing. Manifestation meetings are not required for every student or every school. However, if said meeting is called, it becomes mandatory that the student attend. If a teacher believes that a student needs help and has asked them to come in for a meeting, like during lunch when they have more time off their hands, they may skip the meal during this time and go straight into the meeting.

Benefits of Manifestation meetings:

Incentive for student to do better

One of the main benefits to a manifestation meeting is that it can be an incentive for the student to do better. Students that struggle may view this as torment from their teacher, or as an opportunity to show how smart they really can be. However, for students that are doing well and need to work on a class or project, this may motivate them even further.

Accountability in a classroom setting

A manifestation meeting is visible by the entire class. When it begins, all of the students are expected to stay silent whilst the teacher talks about their overall performance throughout the year in relation to the classroom grade average. This method of accountability allows teachers a freedom of speech where they can be honest with students while also keeping them well-behaved in class. The atmosphere is not hostile and the teacher can easily deal with any bad influences by speaking with that student privately when they have the chance.

Independent study time

Another benefit to having a manifestation meeting is that students who are doing well and actually want to get better can use this time to read and study with a one-on-one session with the teacher. This gives them more flexibility over their own studies because they do not have to worry about missing anything in class or wasting study halls.

Opportunity for more interaction between students

The manifestation meeting gives struggling students a chance to talk about their grades face-to-face with the teacher where other students cannot hear them. This is a good way for the teacher to assess their thought-process and behaviour, without having the other students overhear. Teachers can also ask them how they are doing in all aspects of their life and give them some advice about how to improve.

Helps students when they want help

Some students do not like asking teachers for help because they feel embarrassed or unsupported by other students around them. At this meeting, students can speak with the teacher privately about their concerns, including any problems outside of school with their family or friends. This allows teachers to listen and address specific issues that are important to the student’s well-being before bringing up something like bullying at school.

Manifestation meeting gives teachers more opportunity to help students that are struggling. This helps the teacher maintain a positive relationship with their class and allows everyone to work together as a team. When the students work well together, they become more likely to make great strides in their studies. By having these meetings there is less of a gap between class grades and it is easier for teachers to motivate students with difficult goals such as improving their ACT scores or learning how to write resumes with an eye toward college admissions. Students will be more motivated when they see that others are succeeding and that if they work hard enough, they too can achieve great results.