If you have been charged with aggravated battery in Georgia, you may be wondering whether you could be facing jail time. In Georgia, the criminal penalties for battery can vary, but the key is proving that you intended to physically harm the victim. If you were defending your home or trying to retrieve stolen property, the law considers your actions aggravated battery. While courts generally do not rule on a blanket level of force, a battery attorney can help you present a case that will show that your actions were justified.

While simple battery is a misdemeanor, aggravated battery is a felony in Georgia. Because it involves a dangerous weapon, a conviction for aggravated battery can carry a prison sentence of one to 20 years. A Jacksonville criminal attorney will have extensive experience handling gun cases. If you are accused of this crime, contact a criminal lawyer today. He has decades of experience handling such cases. Aggravated battery cases in Georgia are no laughing matter, and you need a strong defense to protect yourself.

When facing a charge for aggravated battery in Georgia, contact an attorney. A criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and assess your options. Your attorney will be available to discuss your case with you throughout the entire process. Additionally, a criminal defense attorney will be able to reveal any evidence without fear of retribution. In addition to a strong defense, a skilled attorney can reduce the likelihood of conviction and a lengthy jail sentence. If you are convicted, your criminal record will reflect on you for years to come.

Aggravated battery charges in Georgia can carry up to a decade in prison. However, the punishments for aggravated battery Georgia are much more modest for older individuals, so there are many ways to defend yourself. You can argue that the injury was not severe enough to constitute an aggravated battery charge. A fine of at least $2,000 must accompany a conviction. If you are convicted of aggravated battery in Georgia, the fine you receive may not be enough to compensate for your mistake.

In the case of aggravated battery in Georgia, the offender’s intent was to inflict serious injury. The victim may lose a limb or face severe disfigurement. In such cases, the victim may be able to file an aggravated battery Georgia lawsuit with the help of a criminal law attorney. If convicted, you may be forced to go to trial. Nevertheless, you may be able to obtain compensation in the case of aggravated battery.

The penalties for aggravated battery Georgia depend on the type of assault committed. Aggravated battery Georgia charges can carry a prison term. Aggravated battery Georgia can also carry a fine of up to five years in prison. In addition to a lengthy prison sentence, the fine can reach several thousand dollars. Luckily, a qualified attorney can help you protect your rights and prevent jail time. So, don’t wait another minute and hire an attorney.