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Humanitarian organizations help to ensure that rapid and efficient humanitarian help is available when sudden natural disasters or wars occur or in connection with long-term conflicts. Family unity is a fundamental principle of international law. This principle has several important facets for refugees and those who seek to protect them. The integrity of the refugee family is both a legal principle and a humanitarian objective. The protection of children is also an essential part of the well-being of all people affected by emergencies, especially children. It must further encourage states to respect their obligations under existing treaties and other instruments and provide for the effective implementation of relevant provisions in those treaties and instruments. Such actions would contribute to promoting peace and stability in human affairs. In addition, it should strengthen national institutions responsible for protecting children, including courts and penal systems. Finally, nongovernmental actors and the United Nations would need greater support from developed countries to fulfill its humanitarian role.

We engage with decision-makers and partners at senior levels to influence policies, programs, and budgets. On an issue-by-issue basis, we communicate evidence of human rights violations and make policy recommendations to government authorities to assess situations as they develop, helping to prevent crises that may later turn into widespread human rights violations.
In addition, we make sure that victims have the opportunity to be heard and receive reparation. We strive to promote sustainable solutions grounded in community involvement and public participation.

When we find out that someone else is doing something wrong, we report them. If we think that any group is violating one of our core values, we raise our concerns directly and make suggestions as to appropriate. If there is no response within a reasonable time, we go to court.

It’s not easy being Human Rights Watch

But we know that standing up for the rights of others takes guts, determination, and courage. That’s why we’ll never stop trying to fight for human rights and decency.
We believe that every person matters, everywhere, all the time. All people deserve dignity. They need safety, shelter, food, water, and freedom from hunger, disease, and want. Every child deserves equal opportunities to develop their full potential. Everyone needs economic security and an adequate standard of living. Everyone deserves humanitarian help, access to health care, education, social services, clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.

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