Arthur J. Ammann MD is a Pediatrician and an advocate for the health of vulnerable women and children for more than 50 years. Throughout his career Dr. Ammann experienced the intersection of science and ethics. He observed the frequent omission of sound ethical discussions from the conduct of science when using human research subjects. He also observed that the driving force behind scientific research to discover new treatments for women and children often stopped at the point of discovery. Too often, the benefits of healthcare research were not provided to the research participants or to society as a whole, especially to poor and vulnerable women and children in resource poor settings.

In addition to numerous medical and scientific presentations, Dr. Ammann was called on to discuss the ethical issues surrounding clinical research, vaccine development, and availability of standard of care treatment for resource poor populations in the US and in developing countries. His past experience as Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Pediatric Clinical Research Center at the University of California in San Francisco; medical discoveries in the area of immunology, HIV and AIDS; ethical drug development at Genentech; the American Foundation for AIDS research, the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and establishing the non-profit Global Strategies for HIV Prevention; participation in numerous academic, industry, and governmental meetings and committees on clinical research, resulted in increasing attention to the protection of human research subjects from abuse or harm as a result of participating in research studies.

Dr. Ammann began to call attention to the fact that research for the benefit of children and the development of drugs to treat children lagged behind that of adults. Evidence of Dr. Ammann’s untiring and continued dedication to protect women and children from disease and advocating for justice and equity is abundant and has not gone without recognition. Some of his awards include the United States Surgeon General Award for Research; a featured publication in “The Greatest Good”; Special Award from the American Medical Association for Contributions to the area of AIDS; Heroes in Medicine Award awarded by the International Association of Physicians in AIDS; Outstanding Alumnus Award New Jersey College of Medicine; the Wheaton College Outstanding Alumnus Award for Service to Humanity.