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11/17/18 The Bioethical Duty to Warn and the Resurgence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
07/06/18 The Ethics of Deliberate Obfuscation
01/16/18 Do Ask. Do Tell
10/21/17 Moral Hazard
04/27/17 Is it Ethical to Trade Speed of Publication for Reliability?
02/02/17 Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Be Worse. A Look Behind the Scenes
12/24/16 Institutional Review Boards
12/14/16 Timeline of Ethics in Clinical Research
09/19/16 The Clock Keeps Ticking
09/12/16 Is Anyone Listening?
08/12/16 Truth In Advertising. Global Health Implications.
08/03/16 Too Many Research Products. Too Few Research Volunteers. Ethical Implications
06/06/16 An Ethical Collision Course
04/11/16 The VRC01 Study Must Be Stopped Now
03/23/16 The Calculus of Human Value
01/13/16 Elimination of the Annual Physical Exam and the Ethical Practice of Medicine
12/08/15 Ethical Oversight and Exclusion of Opinions.
11/10/15 The Right to Know vs The Failure to Inform
08/31/15 The Ethics of Robots
06/24/15 A Hollow Victory
06/08/15 The Ethics of Denialism
03/03/15 Are IRBs Uninformed About Informed Consents
10/12/14 Pity the HIV-Infected Pregnant Women in Poor Countries
02/26/14 Doing Away with Ethical Guidelines. What’s Going On?
12/31/13 The Ethics of Unnecessary Risk for Research Subjects
07/18/13 World Health Organization Wrong Again. Ethics of Standard of Care.
06/07/13 A Cautionary Reminder.
Nuremberg Revisited
06/01/13 Inadequate Informed Consents
and Poorly Informed IRBs
06/01/13 The Ethics of Research Studies with No Direct Benefit to Children
01/15/13 What Does Research Funding Have To Do With Ethics?
11/18/12 An Open Letter to the World Health Organization
10/31/12 Autonomy, Justice and Contact Tracing
09/12/12 TREAT ALL as the Standard of Care.
What Now?
07/19/12 TREAT ALL vs. Rationing Treatment for the Poor.
06/15/12 TREAT ALL. Are Lifesaving Public Health Approaches to Controlling the HIV Epidemic Being Ignored?
06/12/12 A Rhetorical Ethical Question
02/23/12 Copyright of Medical and Scientific Publications: an Ethical or Legal Issue or Both?
01/21/12 The Ethics of Contact Tracing
12/08/11 Who Will Protect Vulnerable Populations from Research Exploitation?
10/17/11 An open letter to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.
09/27/11 Breakthroughs in Treatments and Vaccines. Who Benefits. Who Pays?
08/27/11 Ghosts of Tuskegee