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Category Archives: Conflict of Interest

The Ethics of Deliberate Obfuscation

July 6, 2018

The Ethics of Deliberate Obfuscation The March 16, 2018  Wall Street Journal reported on the increase of HIV infection in young South Africa women. “Slowdown in HIV/AIDS Progress Puts Focus on Young Women.” 1 It was a particularly disturbing report considering the more than three decades that have elapsed since the discovery of AIDS and …more»

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Be Worse. A Look Behind the Scenes

February 2, 2017

The results of clinical research studies are often published without details of the scientific and ethical discussions that precede their final approval. The Children with HIV Early Antiretroviral Therapy (CHER) study initiated in 2005 and conducted in South Africa is a case in point.1 The study sought to evaluate immediate versus delayed treatment of infants …more»

Institutional Review Boards

December 24, 2016

Competency of IRBs In a Time of Rapidly Expanding Medical Discoveries and Clinical Research. Institutional review boards (IRBs) were first implemented in the 1960s to review clinical research protocols. If approved, they would be funded by the US government. Clinical research was primarily conducted at academic institutions but the FDA also had an important role in …more»

An Ethical Collision Course

June 6, 2016

Physicians in Clinical Research and Physicians in Clinical Care Research physicians dedicated to finding the cause, prevention, and treatment of diseases may find themselves in a position of conflict of interest when conducting research in income poor countries. As new and exciting treatment discoveries proliferate and are coupled with dramatic increases in funds for clinical …more»

Copyright of Medical and Scientific Publications: an Ethical or Legal Issue or Both?

February 23, 2012

I was in the middle of reading Charles Dickens: A Life by Claire Tomalin, a detailed biography of an extraordinary novelist whose writings influenced prison reform, child labor laws, care of orphans, attitudes towards prostitution and protection of the poor. Dickens was more than a novelist however. He was an entrepreneur, a politically influential figure …more»