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A Conversation With Three Pandemic Viruses During a Time of Plague

April 3, 2021

Arthur J Ammann MDFounder Global Strategies. Clinical Professor PediatricsGlobal Health Sciences Affiliate Faculty MemberUniversity of California San Francisco Medical Center Preface Part One – A Conversation With H2N2 Prologue After reading The Plague by Albert Camus in High School, I was intrigued with the devastation that microbes could force onto mankind. My first encounter with a living …more»

Moral Hazard

October 21, 2017

An Ethical Principle to Prevent Exploitation of Vulnerable Research Subjects. In 1865 Arthur Charles Ducat writing in “The Practice of Fire Underwriting” articulated the concept of moral hazard applying it to the risk insurance companies undergo proceeding from destruction of property by fires. After observing suspicious fires on insured properties he suggested that some policyholders …more»

Institutional Review Boards

December 24, 2016

Competency of IRBs In a Time of Rapidly Expanding Medical Discoveries and Clinical Research. Institutional review boards (IRBs) were first implemented in the 1960s to review clinical research protocols. If approved, they would be funded by the US government. Clinical research was primarily conducted at academic institutions but the FDA also had an important role in …more»

World Health Organization Wrong Again. Ethics of Standard of Care.

July 18, 2013

Upon releasing its 2013 HIV treatment guidelines WHO treads on the ethics of defining its standard of care based on economic criteria. Below is a commentary by Brad Balukjian from LA Times following an interview with Dr. Ammann. July 6, 2013 LA Times The World Health Organization’s new recommendation that people with HIV begin treatment …more»

An Open Letter to the World Health Organization

November 18, 2012

To:   Dr Gottfried Hirnschall.  ( Director of the HIV/AIDS Department, World Health Organization From:   Arthur Ammann M.D. On behalf of those who supported us through the Treat-All website TREAT ALL HIV INFECTED NOW On behalf of the TREATALL.ORG campaign and its supporters, we urgently petition the World Health Organization to update their HIV …more»